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Learning Solutions

You already have what it takes to succeed!

We are a Learning Studio and

Consulting Company that provides:

Targeted Personalized Instruction in

Reading, Written Expression, and Math

Personal Academic Training for Executive Function Skills Development,

Social-Emotional Learning, and Attention Deficits

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... for learners

... for parents

...for the workplace



We take the struggle out of homework, unfinished classwork, projects, and studying.

  • Discover your unique learning superpowers

  • Get that dreaded homework completed

  • Ace your tests by learning how to study

  • Develop strategies for ongoing planning and organization

  • Use technology and apps to reach your goals with ease

  • Master self-advocacy

Schedule in-person drop-in support at our studio or online virtual time - up to 4 times per week

...for learners

Solutions for parents

  • Is your child struggling at school while everyone tells you how smart he is and how much potential he has, if only he applied himself?

  • Are you being told that your child lacks motivation?

  • Is your child having difficulty making and keeping friends?

  • Is your child afraid to make a mistake in school, yet is a risk-taker with other activities?

  • Could you use support coordinating and collaborating with your child's teacher?

We begin with parent and learner interviews, followed by targeted assessments, and then develop a unique plan of action to maximize success.

~Your learner will discover how to plan, prioritize, manage time and resources to get work completed with quality, pride, and independence.

~Drop-in support either in-studio or virtually - up to 4 times per week - Monday-Thursday from 30-minute to 3-hour sessions

...for parents
...for the workplace
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Solutions for the workplace

Our workplace training will

  • build core skills that support independence, increase productivity, enhance communication, and promote teamwork

  • expand your team(s) capacity through professional coaching to enhance executive function skills: planning, organizing, prioritizing, sustaining focus, and regulating emotions

  • develop a culture marked by a growth mindset

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