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Solutions for the Workplace:

Is your organization filled with highly-skilled, motivated people – yet still facing low employee engagement, and teams that are not hitting their targets?

Are teams meeting their targets, yet there is greater progress to be made?

Is there a culture of competition versus collaboration?


Targeted eQ workplace training can help!

Emotional intelligence training within the workplace is now more than ever essential as employers and employees are faced with a complexity of social and familial dilemmas.  A corporate culture that values, endorses, and, supports emotional intelligence makes employees better at their job and managers more skilled in leading - enhancing overall productivity and company successes.

Rising pressure and organizational change in the workplace make it even more challenging for teams to collaborate. Without developing the foundational skills of Emotional Intelligence, even your most talented employees will not reach their full potential.


Emotions precede thought - when emotions run high and are not well regulated, they change the way our brains function - diminishing our cognitive abilities, decision-making powers, and even interpersonal skills.

As an owner, manager, corporate leader - you want employees with strong personal and social competence.

Did you know that emotionally intelligent people with average IQs outperform people with exceptional IQs 70% of the time? Yes, and this is because emotionally intelligent employees have greater proficiency in two important skills: personal and social competence.

We explicitly train individuals in managing emotions, and teach people the skills to become their best selves and do their best work. Participants will explore and be trained on how to:

Define Emotional Intelligence (eQ) and its value – personally and professionally recognize the power of emotion and how it impacts leadership potential 

  • Apply techniques to skillfully manage one’s emotions when under pressure 

  • Employ strategies to connect with the emotions that drive the behavior of others 

  • Create an action plan to reach their personal leadership goals and corporate productivity goals

  • Recognize the four core eQ skills in work, life, and relationships

  • Focus on specific ways to practice and improve their emotional intelligence across all work/life domain

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