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Solutions for Learners and Parents:

As a learner, if you are experiencing challenges in keeping up with your classmates or are just not meeting expectations and standards, we offer targeted support, homework help, and study skills enrichment.

As a parent, if you are noticing that your child would benefit from personalized academic support, intervention, and training, then reach out for a complimentary strategy session.


Meet & Exceed Expectations with:

~specialized reading instruction through multi-sensory approaches such as Orton-Gillingham, Wilson Reading, Keys-to-Literacy, and Spire 

~explicit mathematics instruction through targeted multi-sensory approaches focused on building a solid foundation of core skills in numeracy, proportional reasoning, and algebraic thinking

~executive function skills development to include organization and planning, prioritizing, communication, self-advocacy, emotional regulation, and sustaining focus and attention

Discover your strengths & challenges through: 

~individualized assessment in core academic skills subsets

~executive function skills evaluations

~learning style inventories 

~work-study skills analysis

~career inventories and assessments

For learners who demonstrate skill gaps in core academic areas, an educational evaluation is recommended. Targeted assessments in reading, writing, and/or math levels as well as observations relative to how a learner approaches a challenge/task. The result is comprehensive testing data and practical recommendations to maximize success. 

Accelerate Your Learning by:

~discovering your own learning superpowers

~recognizing your strengths to overcome areas challenge

With eQ, you'll be prepared for continued success!

We provide various services to help learners build cognitive executive functioning skills. An Integrative Academic and Executive Skills Assessment followed by goal-setting and explicit instruction. This is ideal for learners who need both academic and executive skills support and do well with repetition and scaffolding. Instructors help learners create an organizational system to complete homework on time, manage and prioritize daily/monthly homework, plan ahead for long-term projects, and prepare for required exams. We also incorporate mindfulness and self-regulation strategies if desired.


The other service, Executive Skills Coaching, is designed for learners in grades 7 - 16,  who have a strong desire to improve their executive functions and gain independence. Coaches follow a formal, goal-based intervention plan and provide systematic and consistent progress monitoring. A combination of in-person sessions and video check-ins to teach the specific skills identified in the learner’s intervention plan are held. Learners are held accountable and as a result, build strong habits for work-task completion, daily routines, and other life activities.


WHY is this important?

Many learners lack the emotional intelligence to succeed in today’s society.

Weakened emotional intelligence leads to anxious, disengaged, victimized learners and workers.

eQ Innovative Learning Solution will provide personalized training in emotional intelligence skills such as self-awareness and management, social awareness, relationship and time management, organization, and planning to help better navigate their academic and personal endeavors.


Added information for Parents and Homeschool groups:​

Random thoughts that highlight our Core Principles & Objectives

  • Guiding all learners toward self-awareness and success

  • Fostering the notion of life-long learning going “beyond book smart”

  • Solutions-based approach to learning where every learner can succeed

  • Understanding and applying the notion of “yet” 

  • Success is not defined by a “grade”

  • Where effort outperforms intellectual capacity

  • Some learners just need a little something more, a little something different 

  • Public education does not attend to the: 

    • Social-emotional growth of its learners

    • Executive-function skills development

    • Value of emotional intelligence (eQ) vs intelligence quotient (iQ)

  • Multi-sensory and Strengths-based Instruction that supports each learner based on what is needed

    • reading instruction - from decoding to fluency to comprehension

    • writing instruction - from barebone sentences to paragraph development to essays and editing

    • systematic mathematics instruction going beyond the algorithms 

      • number sense 

      • core skills development

      • understanding the language of math

  • Integration of technology tools and applications that are relevant to today's world and facilitates the learning process.

  • Full transparency of work with the learner - we will provide session updates daily

  • We offer Parent-School and Special Education Advocacy

  • Provide Professional Development to educator and parent groups

  • Offer small group learning pod sessions for homeschool groups

  • Curriculum design and development for homeschoolers and charter/private schools

  • Compliance monitoring

  • Learning Audits

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